RUMFORSKNING Danny Kreutzfeldt & Mads Weitling


CDR Album on Gears Of Sand, 2008

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"From wheezing whisper to resonant roar goes 'Himmelvælv', a foot in ambient space, another in glitch/microsound, signal pedal sometimes pressed to noise metal. Expansive crepitating atmospherics takes on cosmic proportions." // Furthernoise

"Wer gerne auf der Erde liegt und sich den Nachthimmel anschaut, findet hier die unaufdringliche Soundfläche dazu. [..] Ein Fundstück für alle, denen reine Noise-Alben zu harsch sind." // Nonpop

"Man skal lede længe efter mere 'ren' musik. [..] Det rum, man inviteres indenfor for at findes i, er vitterligt stort og forunderligt som universet selv. Det fylder alt, mens man lytter. Og det er det på sin egen facon storslåede ved Rum-forsknings tredje - og bedst realiserede - album." // Geiger


CDR Album on Dataobscura, 2006

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"A worthy successor to Fremtiden, this one again serves up healthy portions of deep dark ambience with a dash of glitch for good measure. The atmosphere is stark, cold, like a stripped-down version of Biosphere." // EAS


CDR Album on Dataobscura, 2005

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"Fremtiden starts cold and chills down from there. [..]  Strikingly beautiful." // EAS

"A frigid quality permeates this music [..] This unwavering resiliency generates a resonance that is durable and dependable." // Sonic Curiosity

"Several drones taking over after each other in a slow, dim metamorphosis. A metamorphosis, which is maintained through the coming and going of draining or deeply rumbling sounds. One is really in deep space here with all its lurking mysteries, wonders and unknown threats." // Geiger

Ligevægt (on Percieved Distances)

CD Compilation on Blue Oasis, 2008

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"The album as a whole has a generally starlight-bright sound, broken by Rumforskning, who seems to be the only artist interested in investigating the darkness in between the stars. [..] An excellent introduction to a whole passle of interesting new artists and sounds." // Sonomu

Live at Artboks
(split /w Kim Cascone)

MP3 on Noisejihad Live!, 2006

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"The label traffics, as its name suggests, in violent sounds performed live. Two sets comprise a 'release' dated April 13 of this year: one from American microsound figure Kim Cascone [..] and one from the Danish act Rumforskning, whose work sounds like the mental turmoil of some suddenly sentient machine." // Disquiet
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